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Service Excellence

Is all about the feelings we create and the relationships we build


Delivering Satisfaction.. Delivering on Time..


We Are Enriching Life With Chemistry


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Our Philosophy

To ensure Quality, Health, Safety and Environment is our first consideration during all business activities.


Is to grow in Chemical’s distribution and building a strong business relationship between our Partners by applying the highest international standards cross all functions to work as one Company, one Team.


Always focused to source from top manufactures and trading, providing the highest quality to developing the relationships with our channels. And empowering our partners within networks to shape the future of the industry


Customer Focus

At Intra Chemicals for International Trading we have a focus on the customer, his need and his satisfaction, and this stems from our belief that the customer is the real success of our work.



Intra Chemicals for International Trading is seeking to achieve excellence and excellence in being the leading company in its field by applying the best standards by selecting the suppliers and customers to achieve the best partnership relations and translating them into reality.



Intra Chemicals for International Trading adhere to the highest international standards of quality to select our suppliers that meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, and these standards help us maintain our leading position among companies and our market share.



We build relationships through truth and commitment.



We at Intra Chemicals for International Trading realize that the needs of customers are different, so we are committed to flexibility in our work to provide the best services that suit the needs of our different customers.



Intra Chemicals for International Trading is committed to providing reliable services and products and to continuous improvement.


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